The Sweet Auburn Music Festival 2018

Maria Wills

Maria Wills

Mouth Watering international food, music that your hips just couldn’t deny, and a community filled with both local and visiting family and friends is exactly what this weekend provided at Atlanta’s Annual Sweet Auburn Music Festival. Stage 2 was sponsored by Afternoon Tea Radio Show and host Maria Wills kept the crowd engaged and the party going.  Alongside host Chanessa who’s vibrant personality was elevated on ten.

The Sweet Auburn Music Festival was an all-out event that didn’t hold back any creativity. The streets were filled with vendors of food, apparel, books, and natural hair products just to name a few.  The entertainment in addition to the fire DJ’s had acts from all over the spectrum. Melanin magic expressed through powerful spoken word, amazing neo soul expressions, and various acts showed what hip hop is truly about.  Vocalist and musician, Desmond Champion whispered serenading sounds through the crowd with his original song Vibin, and talented soul artist from the hit show the FOUR, Eli blessed the stage with lyrical word play and talented skills on the key board.

The Sweet Auburn Music Festival gave the perfect combination of culture, people, and entertainment. We can’t wait for next year!

By Tannisha Lamb