Men & Monogamy


Most men have to get to a certain mental space to be monogamous. Especially when we are talking about men in the entertainment or sports field, which women throw themselves at ALL the time. A man has to want to be committed to one woman and also has to respect the commitment. If a man chooses to be monogamous because that is what society says is the right thing, it’s easy to get caught up because that is not what you are ready for. It is a constant struggle for certain men to be faithful (mentally and physically).

We can do what ever we want in this world. It’s all about self-control and respecting your commitment to someone. This day and age people are selfish. Both men and women. We all evolve. You might not be had over heels every second of the relationship, but you respect your commitment and reach towards that love to get back to that feeling. Evolve together.