Kocktails & Konversations

Host of Afternoon Tea Radio Show, Maria Wills, had the pleasure of being a panelist for the first Kocktails & Konversation event on 2019 in Atlanta, Ga created by Yusuf A. Muhammad. The event was held at The Loudermilk Center and was packed with women (and a handful of men) eager to have a conversation and ask questions about “Relationships.” Hosted by DJ Cali Bo, the event was full of good energy and vibes. The panel consist of Mel Scott from Love & HipHop, Dee Dee Parker from Magic 107.5, Chanel Nicole Scott from Cheministry, Cassandra Tyler, and Maria Wills of Afternoon Tea Radio.

The conversation was heated and everyone had a perspective on topics such as, Should a man pay for the first date?; Do men expect to pay when they are asked out by a woman?; What does a man look for in a wife?. With a lot of opinions and perspectives Maria Wills concluded the event with this thought, “Focus on yourself and what it is your want and need in life. It is nobody’s responsibility to fill a void for you. Communicate your expectations knowing that they may be different. Everyone is not for you and that is okay.”